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hELP~~ Empty hELP~~

Post  sUNNY on Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:14 am

*what in the world is this place!!
this is aQUAPROM

*what in the world is aQUAPROM for!!
aQUAPROM is where you can chat with nEWFRIENDS!

*but whats the real point!!
ok ok ill tell you...but shh its a secret...
it was prom night, many years ago. i, sUNNY, had just been elected as pROMKING. through a freak occurence, which is still quite unclear to me, my status of humanity was eLEVATED to the title of pROMGOD, or gOD for saving your fingers from typing 4 more letters than you need to. i started a quest in search of a mythical creature. during my quest i came across a system of measurement known as mERMAIDPOINTS. these mERMAIDPOINTS are the spice of life. it is my understanding that with the implementation of this spice, the prophecy i have come to believe will be fulfilled and i will finally be able to locate my imminent co-ruler, aQUAPROMGODDESS.

*how do i get mERMAIDPOINTS!!
you get mermaid points from being an active citizen of aQUAPROM~~

*what is rEPUTATION!!
next to your messages there is a plus or minus sign~~ if someone clicks one of them your reputation will go up or down. that way nEWFRIENDS can tell how good your rEPUTATION is!! get it shawty?~?~

*how do i become a pROMQUEEN!!

*i just got here what should i do!!
change your profile!! make nEWFRIENDS! talk to them!

*then what!!
upload pictures!! get mERMAIDPOINTS! discuss things~~

forever searching for my aQUAPROMGODDESS...

gENDER : male
wHEREAMI : united states of america
fAVEMOVIE : lilo and stitch

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